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Dog ThornVindt hier het laatste nieuws van Rosesanddreams Australian Shepherds!
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Bekijk ook ons puppy nieuws!

Charm FCI Group 2@ Int Dogshow Goes

What a great day at the International Dogshow in Goes (NL)! Charm became Best of Breed under Judge C. Kerssemeijer (NL) and to top it of went all the way to FCI 1 Group 2!


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First BOB Charm @ 9 Months

We are so happy with the first entry of Charm in the Youth Class! Charm is 9 months to the day october 1st and was entered straight away at the double International Dogshow of Zwolle 2016 (Hanzeshow and Ijsselshow).

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Puppies Wave visit Daddy Fuego

Today we visited daddy Fuego with the little ones and mummy Wave

Thanks to familie v.d. Meer for the hospitality and the beautifull garden to make the pictures!

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Welcome Charm!

We are so pleased to introduce our latest addition to our kennel! Charm is more than welcome! 

Charm, End Of The Rainbow Royal Rain(Peak River Fly Glossy Swiftlet  X Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Of Musimacia) is bred by Natalie Kralickova from End of the Rainbow Aussies.

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